Stage Road Animal Hospital is a species limited practice that concentrates on the conditions, diseases, and preventive health care of the canine and feline species.
The Staff at SRAH are pet owners and we identify with your desire to provide your loved ones with quality medical and surgical care.
About Our Veterinarian

Stage Road Animal Hospital was founded by James R. Pearce, DVM in 1974. Dr. Pearce graduated from UT - Knoxville in 1968 (College of Agriculture) and Auburn University in 1972 (College of Veterinary Medicine.) Dr. Pearce has been caring for athletic dogs, Greyhounds and field trial dogs since 1974 providing them with crucial treatment such as canine ACL surgery . His special interest in orthopedics (bone implants and cranial cruciate ligament repair) has allowed him the opportunity to do TTA surgery , which he has been doing since 2008.  Dr. Pearce has performed several thousand bone surgeries involving implants since 1974, primarily on greyhounds. Dr. Pearce became board certified by the American Board of Veterinary Practitioners in Canine and Feline Practice Specialty in 1982. We accept referrals from veterinarians in Arkansas, Mississippi, as well as those who need dog ligament surgery in Tennessee.

James R. Pearce, BS, D.V.M. 

Present Title and Affiliation: 
Stage Road Animal Hospital, P.C.
4359 Stage Road
Memphis, TN 38128

 Martin High School 1964 - - Martin, TN
University of Tennessee 1964 - 1967 - -Martin, TN
University of Tennessee 1967 - 1968 - - Knoxville, TN
Bachelor of Science Degree in Dairy Manufacturing and Production
Pre-Veterinary Medicine Curriculum
Auburn University 1968 - 1972
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

Post Graduate Training: 
Resident Intern - AU 1972
Externship – Miami, FL 1972
Basic Orthopedic Course – Ohio State University 1984
Advanced Orthopedic Course – Ohio State University 1985
AO/ASIF Internal Implant Course – Davos, Switzerland 1987
Biomedtrix Total Hip Course-Mississippi State 1997
IMEX External Fixation Course-Univ. of Georgia 2003
Slocum Enterprises TPLO Course – Eugene, Oregon 2002
Kyon TTA – Chicago, IL 2007
Kyon Cemetless Total Hip Replacement Course – Orlando, FL 2008
Kyon International Orthopedic and Joint Replacement Seminar –
Boston, MA 2009
​IMEX External Fixation/Hybrid Course-Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa-2011

USDA – Farmer’s Home Administration
Student Trainee – 1966 -1968
Assistant County Supervisor – 1968 Morgan and Anderson Co. /TN
Auburn University – Resident Intern 1971 – 1972
Practice Externship – North Miami Beach, FL 1972
Associate Surgeon for Needham Animal Hospital – Wilmington, NC 1972 – 1974
Founded Stage Road Animal Hospital – Memphis, TN 1974
Board Certified by American Board of Veterinary Practitioners-Specialty Companion Animal Practice in 1982
American Board of Veterinary Practitioner (ABVP) – Public Relations Chair 1983
American Board of Veterinary Practitioners- Regent for Canine and Feline Specialty – Council of Regents 1984 – 1988
ABVP – Vice President 1989
ABVP – President-elect 1990
ABVP – President 1991 – 1993

American Animal Hospital Association
Accredited Hospital 1980 – 2004
Area Director 1985 – 1987

National/International Presentations/Seminars:
1984 – AAHA Meeting – New Orleans, LA
1985 – AAHA Meeting – Phoenix, AR
1985 – AVMA Meeting – Las Vegas, NV
1988 – 1997 Western States Veterinary Conference – Las Vegas, NV

1985 Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association, Vol. 187, No. 9, Pages 951 – 952. Amebicmeningoenphalitis caused by Acanthamoeba castellany in a dog – J.R. Pearce, BS, DVM, H.S. Powell, DVM, MS, F.W. Chandler, DVM, PHD, and G.S. Visvesvara, PHD, Stage Road Animal Hospital, 4359 Stage Rd., Memphis, TN, 38128, C.E. Kord Animal Disease Laboratory, Nashville, TN, 37204, and the Divisions of Host Factors and Parasitic Diseases, Center for Infectious Diseases, Centers for Disease Control, Public Health Service, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Atlanta, GA, 30333

2001 Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association, Vol. 219, No. 2, Pages 194-196. Macracanthorhynchus ingens infection in a dog – James R. Pearce, BS, DVM, ABVP, Charles Hendrix, DVM, PHDS, Neil Allison, DVM, DACVP, Jamie Butler, BS. From Stage Road Animal Hospital, 4359 Stage Road, Memphis, TN, 38128, Dept. of Pathobiology, College of Veterinary Medicine, Auburn University, Auburn, AL, 36849 and C.E. Kord Animal Disease Laboratory, Dept. of Agriculture, 440 Hogan Road, Nashville, TN, 37220

Sponsored Internships:
Auburn University 1983 – 1992
American Association of Veterinary Clinicians – Cincinnati, OH 1987 – 1991
Honors and Awards
UT – Martin 1967 – Hughes Scholastic Award for the Highest Scholastic average for UT –M School Year of 1966 – 1967
UT – Knoxville – President’s award for the Highest Scholastic Average in the graduating class for the College of Agriculture for UT – K school year 1967 – 1968
UT – Knoxville
Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society
Alpha Zeta Honor Society
Gamma Sigma Delta Honor Society

Auburn University
Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society
Phi Zeta Veterinary Honor Society
Borden Award 1972 for the Highest Scholastic Average in Graduating Class
Upjohn Award 1972 for Graduating Student Most Proficient in Small Animal Medicine

Private Pilot License 1986
Commercial License 1988
Twin-Engine Rating 1990
Instrument Rating 1990
A&P Mechanics License 1996
Instructor Rating 2000
Seaplane Rating 2003

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Meet the staff:

The staff at Stage Road Animal Hospital does not have a high turnover. Most of the staff here has been here for many years and no one plans on leaving. We all love our jobs and enjoy working with each other. When you come to Stage Road Animal Hospital, you will notice a friendly, comfortable atmosphere. We all are animal lovers, have our own pets, and enjoy helping and treating all pets that come into the clinic.  We understand how your pet is part of your family and we treat everyone like they are a part of ours. Everyone at SRAH are experienced and trained by the Doctor himself. You will feel comfortable with the staff at SRAH.

About Our Staff
Dana  has been a Veterinary Technician at SRAH since 1986.  
She has a Shepherd Mix named Kit, and her grand dog, Boogie, a Pit Bull.

Gaye  has been a Veterinary Technician at SRAH since 1991.  
She has a Australian Shepherd named Rafferty, an Pit Bull named Delaney, and an American Bulldog named Quinn.  Gaye is not only our veterinary technician,  she also does all of our product ordering and most of the organizing around the clinic. 

Cindy  has been a Receptionist at SRAH since 1995. 
She has a Pomeranian by the name of Gracie. Gracie was abandoned at SRAH with a broken leg. The injury to her leg was too far gone to be saved, so Dr. Pearce had to amputate it. Cindy fell in love with this baby's story and with her sweet strong personality. So, sweet Gracie now lives a very spoiled life with Cindy and her husband Ricky. 

Aimee has been a Receptionist/Vet Technician at SRAH since 2004.
She originally started working as a Receptionist and later became a Vet Tech.  Now she just floats around to wherever she is needed.  The pictures around this little circle are her little zoo. 
Shana  has been working as a kennel technician since 2012.
She has 2 cats named Zander & Edward Sissor Paws.

Meet G, Our Mascot!!! 

G started hanging around our hospital around Thanksgiving 2006. This little tabby was such a character! Our relationship started when he would visit the parking lot to walk with us while walking the dogs. However, while he loved his canine friends, he was quick and not to be fooled easily by the many two legged who tried to grab him up. After many walks, months of canned cat food, and of course treats, we FINALLY caught him. His tests were good so we vaccinated, neutered, and released him back into his habitat. Life was good at SRAH with free meals and his other canine companions. He adopted us. Over the years, G would come and go as he pleased. When he would go outside, he made sure to rub his scent on all of our vehicles. When he came in, he would make his rounds greeting the staff and avoiding the strangers.  A VERY LOUD vocal demand would be made daily at the front desk for his Temptation treats, then he would find a comfy spot and crash out. He was our official "Cat Tester" for MidSouth Greyhound Adoption Option, as he earned his keep tempting the greyhounds (that were going into adoptive homes) if they were going to be cat friendly or not. Our little friend that adopted us, has now passed, but he is far from forgotten. We LOVE our G!  ----R.I. P. 2015 
Leah has been a Veterinary Technician at SRAH since April 2014. 
Cheiney has been a Veterinary Technician at SRAH since November 2015.