Dog & Cat Wellness Plans in Memphis

Our Pet Wellness Plans provide Memphis pet owners with a cost-effective option for preventive veterinary services, including annual vaccinations and exams, flea and tick prevention and much more.

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Save Money on the Preventative Care Your Pet Deserves

Save On Your Pet's Preventative Care

'Bundling' a year's worth of preventative healthcare services and products allows us to offer you reduced pricing.

Save Money on the Preventative Care Your Pet Deserves

Better Manage Your Budget

With our Pet Wellness Plans, your monthly costs for the recommended preventive care are completely predictable.

Save Money on the Preventative Care Your Pet Deserves

Get 10% Off Products & Services*

When you sign up for a Pet Wellness Plan, you'll save 10% on services and products offered at our hospital.
*Excluding online purchases, boarding, grooming and food.

Save Money on the Preventative Care Your Pet Deserves

Our Vets Get To Know Your Pet

With regular visits, our vets get to know your pet really well. And the better we know your pet, the better able we'll be to provide the health care they need.

What is a Pet Wellness Plan?

With a Wellness Plan, we 'bundle up' all the preventive services you need to keep your pet healthy, all for an easy monthly payment that helps you save money and manage your budget.

Wellness Plan FAQs

What is included in a Pet Wellness Plan?

Our Pet Wellness Plans include the essentials for your pet to thrive. From annual and 6-month wellness exams to core vaccinations, bloodwork, and heartworm testing. Wellness Plans also include a fecal exam and a 12-month supply of flea, tick, and heartworm prevention medications.

The Importance of Preventive Care

Wellness exams are a nose-to-tail health check that allow us to find and treat any emerging health issues before they become problematic, and check on your pet’s diet to ensure they’re getting enough daily nutrients. Each of these is a vital component in maintaining your pet’s health. 

Sometimes pets can appear healthy, but the early or hidden signs of disease can lurk in their bodies -  with no obvious symptoms. That’s why we run bloodwork to ensure they’re in tip-top shape.

If left untreated, parasites can be deadly for an animal of any size. Prevention provides the best protection, which is why we provide a 12-month supply of flea, tick, and heartworm prevention medication with every Wellness Plan.

If your pet does become infected, our fecal exam and heartworm test are designed to catch these life-threatening conditions, which are often undetectable until your pet gets seriously ill.

Why Consider a Pet Wellness Plan?

Health problems in pets often go unnoticed due to a lack of preventive care. Wellness Plans are a cost-effective way to ensure your pet gets the regular care and monitoring required for good long-term health.


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Client Comments About Our Quality of Care

  • Best vet and vet's office that I've ever been to! Very friendly staff and that really makes a difference. Doctors are extremely nice and don't try to push treatments that you don't need. I'll bring all of my babies back here from now on. Thanks!
    - Karen G.

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