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Why are vet checkups important?

Routine pet checkups are an essential part of your animal's annual care schedule, designed to protect your dog or cat's good health now and as they continue to age. Today our Memphis vets provide 5 reasons why annual dog and cat exams are important.

Focus On Prevention

Routine veterinary exams are important. They help your vet find issues early and treat them promptly, ensuring your pet lives and gives you excitement for a long time to come. Here are five reasons why these routine exams are important.

1. Checkups May Help You Save Money

Detecting and treating diseases such as cancer while they are still in the early stages could save you a lot of money in long-term medical bills and emergency care bills. For example, if your pet is diagnosed with Addison's disease, hyperthyroidism, periodontal disease, or obesity in the earliest stages, your pet's treatment could be cheaper, faster and more effective. 

2. Your Vet Can Uncover Problems

Cats and dogs can be very stoic creatures and do a pretty good job at hiding the fact that they are in pain from their owners. As such, if you can tell that your pet is experiencing pain, the discomfort is likely significant, to the extent that they can't disguise it any longer. Cats and dogs, like humans, have evolved to hide pain and disease.

Your veterinarian is qualified to recognize the subtle signs of a disease or sickness, even in the earliest stages. Changes in respiration, heart rate, eyes, and small swellings are among them. These signs could point to anything from digestive problems to kidney problems to discomfort, cancer, and other conditions.

3. It Can Help Save Your Pet From Pain and Suffering

The more time you spend with your pet when they are healthy, the easier it is to determine what is wrong when they are sick. Early diagnosis using blood, urine, and stool testing can assist in determining and treating developing disorders before they become more severe.

These diseases can include diabetes, hyperthyroidism, anemia, and even heartworms.

4. Monitoring Your Pet's Weight & Checking for Fleas and Worms

Each time your dog or cat visits your veterinarian your pet's weight will be recorded and added to their file. Your vet will also watch for signs of parasites. Flea and worming medication can be delivered on the spot if required, and your vet will be sure to let you know which parasite prevention medications are recommended for your pet.

5. They Give You an Opportunity to Ask Your Vet Questions 

The greatest opportunity to ask your veterinarian and veterinary technician questions is during your pet's annual checkup. These appointments are designed to give you an opportunity to voice any concerns you may have about your pet's health or behavior and to ask questions.

Regularly seeing your vet allows your vet to get to know your animal, and you. Getting to know each other will help your vet answer your questions more thoroughly. If you only see your veterinarian in an emergency, there is usually not enough time (or an established medical history) to ask more questions.

Wellness Plans to Make Preventive Care More Affordable

Pet Wellness Plans from Stage Road Animal Hospital provide pet parents with a cost-effective option for providing their pets with the preventive veterinary services they need, including 2 wellness checkups a year. Wellness Plans are designed to make your pet's preventive care easier and more affordable. 
Learn More About Pet Wellness Plans

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